The Scottish Stepdance Company is a vibrant group of musicians and dancers, showcasing stepdance as a traditional form of Scottish percussive dance.

We specialise in blending stepdance with traditional Scottish music and song, both in Gaelic and Scots. Our presentation is down-to-earth, filled with natural energy and drive. We are a creative company, comprising composers, songwriters and step-makers, but remain firmly rooted in the Scottish traditions we grew up in.

Our core line-up features fiddle, Border pipes, whistle, guitar, song and of course stepdance! We see stepdance as much a percussion instrument as a dance form and enjoy sharing  our passion and interest in this with our audiences.

We can offer a range of performances, from intimate acoustic shows to large scale festival events, with a varying number of dancers and selection of material. We also have a strong background in music education, and can offer a variety of dance and instrumental workshops to suit all levels.

For booking enquiries, please contact Alison Carlyle at scottishstepdance@hotmail.com



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